Hy guys how are ya?

¿cómo está

Becoming a stranger and new lifestyle

In the beginning, “let me introduce myself. I am Ratu I am exchange student from Indonesia and will stay here for one year, I am almost be here for two months.”

Kata- kata itu menjadi pengawal dialog di sini.

To make matching with tittle lets talk ‘becoming a stranger’. Yeah I am stranger here and you know what? That is not easy for me, how to match and build bridge of understanding with new life.

“Hoaahhhhhhh sweet home”, finally those words I said after have been almost 23 hours in the plane, oh yeah I need relax awww.

:’) but.. I should go to school 2 days after arrived at home. You know what? That was interesting place to make new friends. I took 7 classes those are physics, math acceleration, US history, America literature, keyboard, Spanish then JROTC. Awesome classes!! I am ebullient with all of my classes.

How is the food here?

Ohh no, should I am talking about the food?

YEAH! Well, no taste in the food :’) mana makanan yang normal di sini -__- but I was so lucky my host mom brought me to Tempoe Doloe restaurant and I bought some Indonesia stuffs. I am really interested in JROTC army we have homecoming parade tomorrow and we don’t pay ticket for the game yeahhhhh


This is my raiders team in JROTC we have 2 uniforms.

Also, I danced in Indonesia fest I met uni dari Padang dan mampajaleh tari pirieng

Dan tentunya makan makanan Indonesia uii, Alhamdulillah di sini Indonesian banyak jadi kita punya ikatan Indonesia Atlanta.

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